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Formed in 2002, Colchester Partners is an investment banking and strategic advisory firm serving the needs of investment management organizations and its professionals. Our services include mergers and acquisitions; strategic advice on matters such as ownership succession planning and structuring equity incentives; and valuations.

Recent Engagements

Seller: Granahan
Acquirer: Kudu

Advised Granahan Investment Management on the sale of a minority interest to Kudu Investment Management.

Seller: Clearstead
Acquirer: Flexpoint

Advised Clearstead Advisors and Rosemont Investment Group on the pending sale of a majority equity interest to Flexpoint Ford.

Seller: Ancora
Acquirer: Focus Financial Partners

Advised Ancora Holdings ("Ancora") on their partnership with Focus Financial Partners.

Seller: Farr, Miller & Washington
Acquirer: Hightower Advisors

Advised Farr, Miller & Washington on the sale of the firm to Hightower Advisors.